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The automotive industry is increasing its reliance on powder coatings for economic, quality and environmental reasons.

Here at ParAid powder coating we are able to assist in the selection of a suitable finishing package, whether for small run specialist parts, or larger volume repetitive components. Your requirements may include;

  • Fine sandblasting of components prior to finishing
  • Specialist chromate conversion pre-treatment on Aluminium parts
  • Polyester or nylon powder coating
  • “Soft touch “ wet paint finishes in a variety of colours
  • Application of anti-stone chip paint

Our experience in this field extends to;

  • Specialist Aluminium repair panels for passenger transport vehicles
  • Under bonnet panels and bracketry
  • Automotive castings both in steel and aluminium
  • Commercial vehicle suspension parts and exterior trim
  • Internal cockpit finishing on dashboard trim
  • Water based coating and anti stone chipping on vehicle fuel tanks.



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