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The antimicrobial properties of silver have been known to civilizations all around the world for many centuries.

The opportunity to transform almost any metal component

Specialist - Anti graffiti

Anti graffiti Coatings

Huge sums of money are spent every year by local authorities and transport facilitators, removing graffiti from public facilities.
Anti-graffiti powder coatings provide an attractive and economic solution to this problem by providing a permanent protective film on the powder coated surfaces.

The system permits ongoing cleaning of the powder surface without harming the finish. Graffiti is simply wiped off the surface using a suitable cleaning agent, whilst the gloss level and colour of the coating beneath remains unchanged; eliminating the need for expensive refinishing or replacement.
We would be pleased to offer advice as to the suitability of this product in relation to your particular application.
Some of the main markets for this type of coating include:
• Transportation systems
Seat / window frames, grab rails, advertising equipment bus/train panel work, bus shelters.
• Recreational equipment
Lockers, playground equipment.
• Street furniture
Road signs, poles, electrical boxes, public furniture, fencing

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