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The antimicrobial properties of silver have been known to civilizations all around the world for many centuries.

Huge sums of money are spent every year by local authorities and transport facilitators, removing graffiti from public facilities.

Specialist - Wood Effect Powder coating

Wood Effect Powder coating

Paraid Powder Coating is pleased to offer the industry, you and your customers the opportunity to transform almost any metal component* into the outstanding and genuine appearance of natural wood.
The effect creates the possibility of producing a wood grain finish to a wider range of profiles and products normally too difficult and expensive to form in sections of timber.

In addition to the above, the powder system is far more environmentally friendly; reducing the consumption of natural resources and lowering the demand on the world’s rain forests.
A number of wood grain effects are available, dependant on powder availability and surface areas to be processed.
Typical applications include
• Shop fitting and display equipment
• Furniture
• Window frames
• Partitioning
• Doors

*Subject to component size

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